My PhD research was on the modelling and analysis of digital mammograms.

I have put together a few pieces of software to allow digital mammography researchers to download Digital Database for Screening Mammography (DDSM) mammograms and convert them into usable file formats (such as PNG); this includes a Microsoft Windows binary of the DDSM’s “jpeg” program. I have also developed Matlab software to allow groundtruth images of the DDSM mammograms to be generated. The software comes with full documentation. (If you are a Linux or Mac user, please see the note below.)

Download the DDSM software

As an alternative to the DDSM, digital mammography researchers may also be interested in the mini-MIAS database. This database has the advantage of storing its images in a format that is much easier to read than the DDSM images, but has fewer cases and the images were digitised at a relatively low resolution.

Linux and Mac users will need to compile the DDSM’s jpeg program themselves at this time. The code, developed for the DDSM project, is now rather old, and compiling it might not be straightforward!

DDSM Software